Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dependencies and Requirements

The Parallel Video Processor needs a few programs to be already installed on your computer before it can process your videos.

These programs are:

FFMPEG and FFProbe: both of these programs can be found in a single archive on the Zeranoe FFmpeg builds web site. Just download and uncompress. PvP has been tested successfully with this. Alternatively, you can go straight to the FFMPEG website, but you'll need to download and compile the source code to a windows binary.

x264 binary: You will obviously need an encoder to encode your videos. x264 is not the latest, bleeding edge technology in video encoding, but it is an extremely mature and feature-rich video encoder which will produce great compressibility and quality. It can be obtained from videohelp.com.

x265 binary: This is another encoder which you can use to encode your videos. x265 is the latest, bleeding edge technology in video encoding, but it is not considered mature for production release videos and therefore it is not widely used yet. It is a feature-rich video encoder that can produce even better compressibility and quality in comparison to x264, but it is slower and in some cases artefacts can be noticed. It can be obtained from videohelp.com.

Avisynth: Avisynth is not a requirement per se. PvP will work fine without it. The only difference is that if you have Avisynth installed and your video input to the encoder is an Avisynth script, then PvP will try to use Avisynth's Trim instead of relying on FFMPEG's -ss and -t to cut your video.

If you don't have Avisynth and you plan on installing it only for this feature please note that Avisynth is a 32-bit application and it needs a 32-bit tool chain to work.
Most people's toolchain that have Avisynth installed use these:

Avisynth 2.5.8 or 2.6.0a (32-bit)
ffdshow_tryouts or ffdshow (32-bit)
Haali's Media Splitter (32-bit)

Obviously, after changing your video chain from 64-bit to 32-bit, your 64-bit Windows Media Player will be unable to play any video files and you'll need to download a 32-bit version of a media player such as MPC-HC or SMPlayer.

System Requirements:

PvP can run on any PC as long as its operating system is Windows XP or later.

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